10 februari 2015




A parallel design studio, adaptive re-use, between University of Cape Town & KU Leuven.

The re-purposing of existing structures within the context of habitable spaces with zero-impact to the environment.

The design studio focuses on the one hand on establishing negotiable versus non-negotiable elements of built form by lived realities and social pressures, and on the other hand by the urgency of material sustainability and environmental concerns. Socially and contextually relevant programming around the re-use and re-purposing of existing buildings is well complemented by a rigorous approach to the material performance of the building.

The strategies and tactics of the city fabric can be explored through ideas for the re-purposing of existing modern concrete or steel frame structures through the insertion of temporary structures that are designed to be flexible for change over time. But it allows also for a certain amount of informality to penetrate into formal structures of architecture, thus exploring the relationship between the role of the architect and that of the user in the design of the environment.

Stella Papanicolaou . UCT . University of Cape Town . Ignaas Back . BACK architects . KU Leuven