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BACK architectenbureau

Dok Noord 4E 201
9000 Gent

+ 32 (0) 472 21 56 26


BACK architectenbureau focust zich op een duurzame ontwerpstrategie. Met beide voeten in de modder, vanuit een steeds groeiende werf- en bouwervaring en overlappend onderzoek en onderwijs, zijn wij uit op het bouwen met een positieve impact voor omgeving, in gebruik, milieu en toekomst.


Het architectenbureau is gespecialiseerd in een coherente projectopvolging van ontwerp tot uitvoering met oog op laag energetisch en ecologisch verantwoorde ontwikkeling.


BACK architectural office focuses on a sustainable design strategy. From a growing site and construction experience as well as combining research and education, we are looking to construct with a positive impact on the surroundings, on usability, environment and the future.

The office specializes in coherent project management from design to execution, with regard to low energy and sustainable development.


A search for identity and continuity with limited resources. Scarcity of raw material as a start point for design.


BACK architectural office is founded by engineer-architect Ignaas Back.

Ignaas Back graduated master in architecture from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Ghent University. Since 2010 he teaches at the Faculty of Architecture, KU Leuven. He is currently teaching in building techniques and structures, and leading different design studio’s on sustainable building, adaptive re-use and craftsmanship. Since 2015 he is involved in an international exchange with the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and in the rebuilding of schools in Nepal with CEPP and KU Leuven.

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